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MOOCs Taken

My interest in machine learning and neural networks led me to take up multiple online courses. I believe that online learning has given me opportunities and skills over and above what was possible for me to acquire as a EE undergrad.

Below is alist of most of the courses I have taken and completed:

  1. Creative Application of Deep Learning - I on Kadenze
  2. Improving Deep Neural Networks by on Coursera
  3. Structuring Machine Learning Projects by on Coursera
  4. Neural Networks and Deep Learning by on Coursera
  5. Machine Learning by Stanford University(Prof. Andrew Ng) on Coursera
  6. Programming for Everybody (Python) by University of Michigan on Coursera
  7. Digital Image and Video Processing by Northwestern University on Coursera
  8. Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science on Udemy
  9. Convolutional Neural Networks by on Coursera
  10. Practical Data Structures and Algorithms in Java on Udemy
  11. CS229 - Machine Learning on Stanford Online
  12. Neural Networks by University of Toronto (Prof. Geoffrey Hinton) on Coursera
  13. Practical Deep Learning for Coders Part 1 v1(TensorFlow) & v2(PyTorch) by
  14. Cutting Edge Deep Learning for Coders Part 2 v2(PyTorch) by

Will be adding brief course descriptions soon.

Stay tuned!